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StarrCrunch Accessories

I have a passion for bright colors and cute charms, and layering enough crap on my arms to gain 10 pounds. I hate to classify my line as one single genre because I pull bits and pieces from almost every alternative fashion style out there. If it pops, it's got my attention and it'll make its way out as inspiration.

I can't put my work into one single genre. I pull inspiration from almost every alternative style out there, whether it's from 20 years ago to today. As long as it's colorful and outrageous, it'll fit in just fine. With as diverse as muses are, there's bound to be something for everyone.

I love making accessories and designing clothing and I love sharing my works with people who have the same interests. I hope you enjoy what I do.

What I have listed here is only a portion of my full inventory. I love the easy customization of Live Journal, but having to upload all my photos and link everything gets to be hectic at times, so I host my full line on Etsy. Have a look there if you want to see more! www.starrcrunch.etsy.com